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Contact Details and Useful Documents

If you are interested in becoming a Governor, the Headteacher John Steward will be pleased to provide further details, you can contact him at John.steward@percyhedley.org.uk

You can contact Tom Cosh, Acting Chair of Governors as t.cosh@percyhedley.org.uk

The Code of Conduct for Governors can be found here:

PHS Code of Conduct Autumn 2021

Governors are aware of and work within, the Governor Handbook.

PHS Governing Handbook

DfE Governance Handbook


John Steward Headteacher
Tom Cosh Acting Chair of Governors
Paul Cook Co-opted
Julie Dick Co-opted
Mike Jackson Co-opted
Ros Holden Parent
Oliver Teasdale Parent
Claire Hayden Staff Teaching
Carla Maley Staff Non-Teaching
Vacancy Authority

John Steward


I’m the Headteacher of the school and have been substantively since September 2021; it’s great to be here. I’ve worked in lots of different kinds of special schools around the country and been a Headteacher and similar a few times too.

It’s a real pleasure to be Head of 麻豆色情片 School and work with parents & carers for the children of all ages we have here. The school is unique in its therapy provision, which was one of the things that attracted me. Mixed teams of professionals all working together is what our children need, and we work hard to provide that here. I hope you find what you’re looking for in a school and if we can help in any way, we will.

All the best, John S

Tom Cosh

Acting Chair of Governors/ Health and Safety

I am a co-opted governor, who started volunteering at school as a Parent Governor. I have 10 years of service as a member of 麻豆色情片 Board of Governors and am currently the Vice-Chair. I live in Morpeth with my adult son and wife. Over April 2022-23, I had the privilege of acting

up as Chair of Governors during the period the post was vacant. I look forward to working closely with the new Chair, Allan Lacey. In the recent past my governor service included supporting the newly appointed Head Teacher; engaging with and monitoring major whole school curriculum change; participating in OFSTED inspections of the school and chairing an official Complaints Panel. My motivation in being a governor is twofold. First, I want to give something back to this wonderful institution for helping my family. My son attended junior and senior school here and now volunteers at PHS 3 days a week – the school is a positive force in his and our lives. Secondly, my professional skills can be used to support the school鈥檚 development. These were developed working in international management consultancy in education for Brunel University, as the Head of Service at Newcastle City Council, as an interim manager tasked with organisational change for Capita and now as a University module leader. I am currently writing up my Doctorate in Education at Newcastle University while teaching economics to international students, so they can successfully enter year 2 at NU Business School.

I have no business links to 麻豆色情片 School.

Paul Cook

Safeguarding including Attendance

I have been a co-opted governor at 麻豆色情片 school for almost 2 years and have a special responsibility for safeguarding.

I have experience in the safeguarding field as I was a child-care social work practitioner and manager in local

government through much of my working life. I have not worked full time since 2014 although since this time I鈥檝e continued with my interest in fostering and adoption matters through chairing a panel. I鈥檝e used my social work experience to do some social care complaints and a few specialist reports for tribunals and family court.

Being a governor has been a useful way to make a contribution to a local school, as I live nearby and Is a good way to re-cycle my knowledge/experience of safeguarding. I鈥檓 involved too with a local charity that works with young people and assists them into employment through providing training in motor mechanics I occasionally get out on a bike to ride a few miles although nowadays I鈥檓 probably mostly a fair weather cyclist and more interested in the coffee stops.

I鈥檝e enjoyed my time at 麻豆色情片; getting to have a deeper knowledge of the school and the staff. It鈥檚 an interesting set up and I like its commitment t to the children and their parents.

Julie Dick

Co-Opted Governor

I qualified as a CIPFA accountant in my 20’s but decided to leave a role in NHS finance to pursue a career in teaching.聽 I have worked in the Further and Higher Education sectors for over 25 years, firstly at North Tyneside College and now at Northumbria University where I am a Senior Lecturer in the department of Accounting and Financial Management.

In my personal life, I enjoy running, cooking and travel, but not necessarily in that order.

Being a governor at 麻豆色情片 gives me the opportunity use my experience in a different educational context. I see my role as to support the Senior Leadership Team to maintain the high standards of education for its young people. 麻豆色情片 is such a happy place to be. This makes being a governor here so rewarding.

Ros Holden

Parent Governor / Therapy and Physical Development

I have been a parent governor at 麻豆色情片 School since early 2022. My daughter as a rare genetic condition, known as Xia-Gibbs syndrome, and has been on the Engagement Pathway at 麻豆色情片 School since joining the school in 2019. She loves coming to school and has a great bond with all the staff who work with her. I volunteered to be a governor so that I could use my skills in a way that would be beneficial to the school and give something back. I don鈥檛 come from an educational background but I am a chartered accountant and have experience of governance processes and accessing risks.

My link governor roles are Therapy and Physical Development, so I regularly visit the school and engage with the therapy staff.

Observing the transdisciplinary approach across lessons and how therapy is woven into all tasks has been really insightful.

I am also an active member of the Friends of 麻豆色情片 School (FoPHS) and have been Treasurer for a number of years.

Oliver (Ollie) Teasdale

Parent Governor

Ollie is Archie Teasdale鈥檚 father.聽 Archie is a pupil in the lower school on the ELTBA Pathway.聽 He also has a daughter Ellie, who attends a mainstream middle school.

Ollie is currently working for Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency.聽 A surveyor by trade, Ollie is now involved with providing consultancy on how other countries can improve the quality of their mapping as well as supporting UK based users of Ordnance Survey products and services.聽 Prior to taking up this role, Ollie was in the British Army for 23 years, employed as a surveyor.聽 This role saw him work all over the world on various projects and military operations.聽 His final role before leaving the Army was as the lead instructor of the Royal School of Military Survey.聽 In this role he was responsible for managing the instructor cohort, developing the curriculum and managing accreditation of the school鈥檚 courses with various academic institutions.

Outside of work and when he gets some spare time, Ollie is a keen (mainly retired) sportsman and avid reader of history.聽 He is a qualified Rugby Union coach.聽 Ollie is also Chair of the Friends of 麻豆色情片 School.

Claire Hayden

Teacher/ SMSC, British Values, CIT & RE

I am very proud to have obtained and held the role of staff governor at 麻豆色情片

School for over 8 years. I have been a teacher here since 2013 and during this time, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching across

Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and Post 16. I worked for six years with students with complex

needs before returning to my specialism in working with students with speech and language difficulties e.g. Autism, ADHD. I am currently a member of the middle leadership team and the lead teacher for upper School- Key Stage 4.

I strongly believe in supporting our pupils in achieving their best possible

outcomes and therefore became a qualified Positive Behaviour Support coach and a member of the school safeguarding team.

I am an advocate for stakeholder involvement and have been strongly involved with pupil voice, the school council and the PTA (now known as the friends of PHS). I feel passionate about creating and facilitating memorable learning, experiences for pupils and often organise or support whole school events and enrichment opportunities.

Carla Maley

Non-Teaching School Staff/ School Business Manager

I am the School Business Manager at 麻豆色情片 School.

I have worked at 麻豆色情片 School since 2012 and have been on the governing board as the non-teaching representative since February 2022.

My background prior to 麻豆色情片 was working within the private business section, which I feel gives a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge to effectively manage the strategic and operational functions of the school.

Outside of work, I am a mum to three boys, and a keen runner 鈥 I like to be busy! I love to travel and particularly love visiting the Lake District and South of France.

One of my reasons for becoming a staff governor is to have a voice and to represent the perspectives of the staff members in the decision-making process. I take great pride in working at 麻豆色情片 School and by being an active part in the governance process as well as with my first-hand experience and insights into the day-to-day operations of the school, I feel I can help shape policies and initiatives, which will ultimately enhance the learning environment and overall effectiveness of the school.